CousCous Opens In Farmington!

CousCous Opens in Farmington Station Park - Finally!

Well, no one said it would be easy!! After months and months and months of waiting, wine drinking (me) the long awaited Station Park location finally opened on September 15th! (in a silent way it was a sad but celebratory day as well -  personal note/story for another time).

Over the past months we heard phrases like "bug-eye", or comments like "it wasn't on the drawing" but when we would hear "it requires a change order" we didn't think we would make it, and some days wanted to toss in the towel! Not only was our patience tested but Nicks health was tested (which if anyone knows his story, this is NOT what we want to happen).  But in the end we persevered, and somehow made it to the finish line to open what we believe is the loveliest CousCous yet! Not that our other locations are not perfect, but somehow by us doing many tasks ourselves, painting (me, sister, sister-in-law, brother-in-law), decorating (me), building a large enough kitchen and decking it out (nick) seems to make this location amazing to us. The staff is amazing (they are already family), our son, his friend, and our niece also get some hours in, each while juggling college!

Was it worth it? An overwhelming yes to that! Will we do this again? Check back next year 🙂